Its been a while since my last post – Christmas, New Year and life generally have wizzed by in a blur and suddenly its nearly February!

I’ve been pretty busy working on various projects, but did manage to find time to dig my stills camera out to take a few pics in my spare time. Photography for me is still a hobby at the moment, although its something I really enjoy and would like to do more of.

I like the flexibility of photography compared to video. A lot less kit to carry for starters! Its possible to take a quick, spur of the moment shot which can then stand on its own as something interesting, beautiful or unique (maybe even all three!). I think video tends to need more of a background – you usually need several shots to contextualise something effectively.

Of course, there is a third option. Multimedia, the vague and all encompassing buzz word has increased dramatically in prominance recently. Partly in thanks, I’m sure, to the increasing capabilities of equipment to do both stills and video and do it well.

With so much content now being produced and with so many different platforms to display it on, finding stuff that is actually really good can be tricky. Someone whose work I personally admire is ex-army photographer and photojournalist, Ian Forsyth.

Coming from a  photography perspective, he approaches multimedia in a different way to many people – using audio techniques to enhance his photos, rather than using photos to enhance his video.

I find his multimedia pieces subtle and understated and usually very powerful as a result. Both pictures and audio are capable of standing alone and so when fused together they create extra impact that makes me stop, listen and completely forget everything else while I watch. I think that is a rare skill.

If you want to check out some of his stuff for yourself you can take a look at his website:

or go straight to his vimeo page for the multimedia stuff: 

My personal favourites are ‘Buffer Zone’ and ‘The Veterans’, both powerful stories from his time in the Army.