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FB 126C

I wanted to share this amazing story. Harking back to a previous post about multimedia, this is a great example of a multimedia story done incredibly well. It helps of course to have such an inspirational and engaging story to back it up with. An amazing example of what is out there if you have the guts to go looking for it and some cracking pictures as well. I recommend you check it out…




Kibera Film School

Have you heard about the Kibera Film School? Set up a few years ago by the non-profit organisation Hot Sun Foundation, it is a film school based in Kibera, a huge slum on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.

I found out about them via my work with UK charity Purple Field Productions (www.purplefieldproductions.org) who worked with a Kibera Film School graduate on their latest film project last month. 

An African slum might seem like a strange location for a film school but it makes perfect sense. One million people living tightly packed together with little water, electricity or sanitation? Sound like a place with a lot of stories to tell! And with the help of the Hot Sun Foundation (www.hotsunfoundation.org) the Kibera Film School is telling those stories. Not just stories about poverty, hardship and poor living conditions, but stories about friendship, hope and aspirations.

I wanted to find out more about the school and I came across this article by CNN which I think is worth a read if you’re interested:


They also have their own blog, they’re on facebook and they have some of their films up on Youtube:




I’m always fascinated by the different ways film is made and used in different parts of the world and its great to find people and organisations like the Kibera Film School who are doing something different, something positive and something that challenges perceptions.